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How to Get Rid of Swelling in Patients with Gout

Sometimes, patients with Gout may find their feet or leg swell up. Well then, is there any good solution to get rid of the swelling in gout?

Patients with Gout are frequently troubled by the high uric acid levels. The disease can attack many parts of the body, including joints, skin, kidneys, etc. With Gouty Arthritis, involved joints by Gout, patients may experience leg, knee or ankle pains. The pain may come quite severe and make people stay awake at night. As the condition continues, it can cause gout swelling in legs, knees, etc.

First of all, patients need to restrict their diet to relieve Gout symptoms. Meat or seafoods with rich purine, beer, vegetables such as spinach, etc, should be avoided in your daily life. Drinking plenty of water can help to drive away excessive uric acid from the bloodstream. By making necessary dietary changes people can greatly reduce the chance of Gout flare-up and stabilizing the illness condition.

On treating joint pain and get rid of swelling in Gout, several types of drugs are available. The first type is anti-inflammatory drugs, such as non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs(NASIDs) and glucocorticoids, which can resist inflammation to the joints and ease symptom. The second type is drugs for lowering uric acid level in the blood. With the use of drugs, people may find relief from the symptoms.

However, even if on drugs, the patients may find that the symptoms don’t turn any better, why is it? Gout actually means the disorder of purine metabolism. It occurs when the body produces too much purine or purine excretion from the body is reduced by any reason.

On treating this disease, it needs to correct purine metabolic disorder, the internal environment of the patient. The drugs can bring short-term effects, but the disease recurs if not treated from the root. With this regard, traditional Chinese medicine should be combined with western medicine to get satisfactory effects. While western medicine helps to ease symptoms rapidly, traditional Chinese medicine focuses on regulating the internal environment and restoring inner balance. At the meantime, people still need to take care to restrict foods with rich purine to help the recovery.

If you are experiencing gout swelling or pain which becomes a refractory issue and how to get rid of swelling in gout, you may need guidance for proper management, and you can consult our experts online for help directly.

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